Where to start....
Hinged, Sliding or Folding?

We can fabricate doors in aluminium, steel or stainless steel. A huge range of colours & finishes, and a vast array of ironmongery help you achieve the look you want. With the addition of tinted, coated or filmed glass superb effects can be realised.

Pivot Doors

Pivot doors are perfect for tight spaces as pivots allow a wider door leaf. The one shown is 1820mm ( just under 6 feet) wide including outerfame.

Pivot doors provide an alternative to the more traditional double doors which have extra framing, that can restrict views. The slim frame and large glass areas can really bring the outside – inside... leaving our un-predictable weather outside!

Sliding Doors

Sliding or patio doors are very popular and can really bring the outdoors into your home.

Folding Doors

Folding or Bi-Fold doors can stack to provide a greater clear area, when fully open, the garden really does come inside.